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Gluten Free Easter Eggs and Treats

It’s that time of year when our bunny noses start twitching for chocolate, so here is a round up of some gluten free Easter eggs and other chocolate treats that are available in New Zealand.

An assortment of different brands of Easter eggs and treats, on a mint green background, text overlay reads "gluten free Easter treats"

When there are foods you need to avoid, sometimes celebrations and special occasions can get overwhelming, trying to find out what treats you can eat and what old favourites you need to avoid. While it seems like any chocolate Easter egg should be gluten free, there are a lot that aren’t.

Luckily there are actually a lot of options for Easter eggs that are gluten free, either labelled gluten free or gluten free by ingredient (more on the difference below, if you’re unsure).

This is not an exhaustive list of allllll the gluten free Easter eggs available in New Zealand, just what my arms could carry in several shopping trips to shops that are common in many towns around the country.

Checking Easter Egg Labels for Gluten

There are two kinds of gluten free Easter treats in this list – the first are those that are labelled gluten free, which means they meet the gluten free labelling regulations in New Zealand and Australia.

The second are those that are gluten free by ingredient, which means that they are not made with any gluten-containing ingredients, but have not been tested for gluten and may be made on equipment that also handles gluten.

Reading Ingredient Labels

Make sure you check the packet ingredients to ensure that what you’re buying is gluten free, don’t just take the word of someone on the internet (even if it is me, I’m still human). I’ve added the info available to me on the packets of the products I purchased and on the brand’s websites, but sometimes labelling and ingredients change, so always make sure that what you’re buying is safe.

When checking labels for gluten, remember the acronym BROW – barley, rye, oats and wheat. Labels must state if they contain these ingredients.

Some products may state “may contain gluten” or “may contain traces” of gluten, due to being made on the same equipment as products that do contain gluten. This statement doesn’t make them any more or less safe than those without that label, as it is a completely voluntary label that the manufacturer can choose to include (or not).

Many Coeliacs (including my Dad) comfortably eat “may contain” products, however, always assess your own (or the person you’re buying for’s) risk appetite for products made on shared equipment.

Note: In New Zealand, glucose syrup from wheat is considered by Coeliac NZ to be so highly processed that it is gluten free. However, Coeliac Australia notes that there is a small chance some highly sensitive Coeliacs may still react to it and that it is an individual’s choice whether to consume it.
Glucose syrup from wheat is not safe for those with a wheat allergy.


✅✅ = Gluten free (includes those with the Crossed Grain logo, and those labelled gluten free).

✅ = Gluten free by ingredient (no gluten-containing ingredients, with or without a “may contain” gluten statement).

💟 = Labelled suitable for certain allergies or dietary requirements, or other notable points.

‼️ = Other allergen warnings and may contain statements from the packaging.

Right, let’s talk treats!

Gluten Free Easter Eggs and Treats

Please note: the treats photographed on the blue/green background were photographed in 2023, so the packaging may have changed slightly in 2024. The products with the purple background were added in 2024.


Some of the Cadbury easter products that are gluten free - marshmallow eggs, mini eggs, hollow bunnies, hollow eggs and creme eggs.

We’ll start with Cadbury because they are ubiquitous when it comes to easter eggs in NZ, and many Cadbury Easter products are gluten free by ingredient.

Available from pretty much anywhere that sells Easter eggs.

✅ Many are gluten free by ingredient
💟 Many are egg free by ingredient
‼️ Most contain soy and may contain nuts.

Are Cadbury Creme Eggs Gluten Free?

Cadbury Creme Eggs state “contains gluten” on the wrapper, however, Cadbury has confirmed that the “gluten” referred to is in the glucose syrup which is derived from wheat. As mentioned above, glucose syrup from wheat is considered to be gluten free in NZ and safe for Coeliacs, however, there is a very small chance that some Coeliacs who are highly sensitive to gluten may still react to glucose syrup.

The same syrup is used in other Cadbury eggs that have soft fillings, like the strawberry, peppermint, Turkish delight, Caramello and salted caramel mini eggs, so if you have reacted to the Creme eggs in the past, you may want to avoid those too.

Avoid the products with biscuit pieces (Oreo), any Moro products, as they contain barley, and avoid eggs that come with Favourites or Roses chocolates, as some of those contain gluten.


A block of Whittaker's Choc Cross Bun chocolate on a small terrazzo cutting board.

Their limited edition Whittaker’s Choc Cross Bun block is also gluten free by ingredient. It features their 33% cocoa creamy milk chocolate with mixed spice flavour, orange oil and raisins. 

✅ Gluten free by ingredient
‼️ Contains milk and soy
‼️ May contain gluten, peanut, tree nuts

Note: I had the Whittaker’s hollow Kiwis on this list last year, but sadly they’re not available this year.


A NOMO gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan easter egg sitting on a nest of pale blue shredded paper.
NOMO cookie dough egg and egg + lolly boxes on a light purple background.

NOMO is an excellent option for those with multiple food allergies or intolerances, as their products are free from gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts. They have large eggs and little bunnies as well.

They are some of the priciest of all of the products in this post, but for those with multiple foods they need to avoid, this could be the safest option.

Available from The Warehouse and New World.

✅✅ Gluten free
💟 Dairy free
💟 Egg free
💟 Nut free
💟 Vegan
💟 These particular products above are soy-free by ingredient, and I contacted NOMO to find out what type of lecithin they use (as most are soy-based). They replied that they use lecithin from rapeseed or sunflower oils, however, they can’t guarantee that there is no cross-contamination with soy products so they do not label their products as soy-free.


Rainbow brand marshmallow eggs in packets on a light purple background.

Made here in NZ, the Rainbow range of marshmallow Easter eggs are all labelled gluten free.

They have several different flavours of marshmallow eggs, including the original ones (with yolks), raspberry choc and “scrambled” eggs.

Available from Countdown and the Warehouse.

✅✅ Gluten free
‼️ Contains soy
‼️ Contains dairy

Queen Anne

A box of gluten free Queen Anne milk chocolate marshmallow eggs and dark chocolate mint marshmallow eggs in a marble tray on a mint green background.

Queen Anne have a range of gluten free marshmallow eggs in a variety of flavours. There are boxes of 8 half eggs, and individually wrapped eggs and bunnies. Their marshmallow is really top notch, super fluffy and light.

Available from New World, Pak n Save and online.

✅✅ Gluten free
‼️ Contain soy
‼️ May contain eggs, nuts and sulphites

Sweet William

A Sweet William dairy free chocolate bunny in a colourful box on a light purple background.

Sweet William products are another good option for those with multiple allergies or intolerances. They’re gluten, dairy, nut and egg free and soy-free by ingredient.

This bunny is the most expensive product in this post at $25 but they have hollow eggs and small chocolate bunnies that cost less. When it comes to dairy free chocolate this is one of the only options.

These are available mostly from organics shops and online. I bought this one from Simply Organics in Tauranga, but The Vegan Shop, Yettemoosh (one of my fave GF online stores) and Commonsense Organics also stock this brand.

✅✅ Gluten free
💟 Dairy free
💟 Nut free
💟 Vegan
💟 Egg free
‼️ May contain soy

Moo Free

A Moo Free rocky road Easter egg in a colourful box, and a small blue bag of Moo Free mini choccy eggs, on green shredded paper, on a light purple background.

Moo Free’s Easter range is one of the few Easter ranges that are sold as soy-free, so if you need guaranteed soy products then these could be the ones for you. Along with the rocky road egg and mini choccy eggs pictured here, they have a few other large eggs, and some little bars as well.

As with the other multiple-things-free products on this list, these are on the more expensive side, but considering how tricky it is to guarantee products are free from so many allergens, you can see why they are more expensive.

✅✅ Gluten free
💟 Dairy free
💟 Soy free
💟 Vegetarian and vegan

Available from health food/organics shops (I purchased these from Simply Organics in Tauranga).

Waikato Valley Chocolate

A Waikato Valley choc marshmallow fish egg and hokey pokey balls egg on a min green background.
A Waikato Valley milk chocolate bunny in packaging that is brown with red floral pattern, and a clear window showing the bunny.

Waikato Valley Chocolates have some Easter treats that are gluten free by ingredient, including these choc marshmallow fish and hokey pokey eggs and milk chocolate bunny.

Available from The Warehouse.

Please note they do also have products that are not gluten free, including their bubble crunch egg and cookies and cream egg.

✅ Some are gluten free by ingredient
‼️ Contain soy
‼️ May contain peanuts and tree nuts, made on equipment that also handles gluten.

Kinder Surprise

A 3-pack of Kinder Surprise Easter eggs, on a nest of green shredded paper.

Surprise, these are gluten free by ingredient (as are regular Kinder Surprises). Along with these eggs, they also have large and small chocolate bunnies and mini eggs. Avoid any of the Bueno products, which have wafer pieces that are not GF.

Available from most supermarkets and The Warehouse.

✅ Gluten free by ingredient
‼️ Contains soy

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

A bag of Terry's chocolate orange milk chocolate mini eggs and a bag of white chocolate mini eggs on a light purple background.

Along with the regular Terry’s Chocolate Orange, these Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs are gluten free by ingredient. Available in milk and white chocolate flavours. Classic chocolate orange flavour mini eggs with a crispy sugar shell. 

✅ Gluten free by ingredient
‼️ Contains milk
‼️ May contain soya, nuts and peanuts
‼️ Not recommended for small children (choking hazard-sized)

Available from supermarkets and The Warehouse.

After Eight

Two After Eight hollow bunnies on a mint green background with scattered small cream and gold wooden eggs.

These are one of my own favourite Easter treats, After Eight bunnies. If you love after dinner mints, then you’ll love these dark chocolate and mint bunnies. Available at the Warehouse and some supermarkets.

Available from Countdown and The Warehouse.

✅ Gluten free by ingredient
‼️ May contain nuts and soy


A bag of Fabulicious "Fruit Tingles" chocolate eggs in a bright pink packet on a light purple background.

I love fruit tingle lollies and these Fabulicious Fruit Tingles Hunting eggs have fizzy fruit tingle pieces in milk chocolate eggs. They’re made in NZ by RJ’s Licorice in Levin.

✅ Gluten free by ingredient
‼️ Contains milk and soy
‼️May contain wheat, gluten, egg, peanuts and tree nuts

Available from supermarkets.


A box of Baileys chocolate luxe mini eggs on a pale blue basketweave milk glass plate, on a mint green background.

These are a nice little grown-up treat, luxe mini eggs filled with a double chocolate Baileys cream filling.

Available from The Warehouse, New World and Pak n Save.

✅ Gluten free by ingredient
‼️ Contains soy
‼️ May contain nuts

Bennetts + Allpress Espresso

Allpress Espresso chocolate eggs by Bennetts of Mangawhai in a brown egg carton on a light purple background.

I hadn’t planned to add these to the list, but I bought them on a whim for my family to try and they’re labelled gluten free so I thought “Why not include them?” So here we are.

These are “free range chocolate eggs spiked with fresh roasted Allpress coffee”, so a nice pick-me-up Easter treat for adults (including parents who may be worn out from their chocolate-filled kids bouncing off the walls).

✅✅ Gluten free
💟 Soy free
‼️ Contains dairy
‼️ Made in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, milk products and soy

I bought these from Gourmet Trader in Tauranga, but they’re also available from other gourmet food stores and online from the Allpress website.

Chupa Chups

A hexagonal box of Chupa Chups mini lollipops on a light purple background.

Today in “you can make anything Easter-y with the right packaging”, these Chupa Chup mini lollipops come in an Easter-themed box that can be cut out and turned into a little Easter basket.

✅ Gluten free by ingredient
‼️ Some flavours contain milk

Available from supermarkets.


"Nice" brand easter chocolate decorating kit, gummy bunnies and marshmallow bunny jar on a light purple background.

Some products from the Nice range at The Warehouse are gluten free by ingredient, including these Easter bunny gummy lollies, and cute marshmallow bunny jar. These could be great options if you’re buying Easter treats for people who don’t like chocolate (they do exist, I know one). For a fun activity, the Easter chocolate decorating kits are also gf by ingredient.

✅ Some products are gluten free by ingredient
💟 The marshmallow bunny jar is dairy free and soy free by ingredient
‼️ Gummies contain sulphites and may contain milk or soy
‼️ Decorating kit contains milk and soy, and may contain wheat, gluten, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

Available from The Warehouse.

Products to Avoid

We’ve talked about some safe options, so let’s quickly cover a couple that aren’t safe, particularly ones that are common traps that people fall into.

Lindt – Many of Lindt’s chocolate products contain barley malt syrup, which isn’t safe for Coeliacs. Their milk chocolate bunnies and chicks are definitely not safe, but some of their dark and white chocolate products are gluten free by ingredient, so if you’re perusing the Easter aisle you can always check the ingredients on the products they have available.

KitKat – Last year I included the KitKat mini chocolate bunnies on this list as they had rice wafer balls and were gluten-free by ingredient. However I haven’t seen them anywhere this year, only the large KitKat bunnies which contain wheat-based wafers and are not gluten free.

Ferrero Rocher – Most Ferrero products are not gluten free as they contain wafer pieces that contain gluten.

Extra Tips

Don’t forget that there are a lot of fun non-food Easter products in stores now, which can make great Easter gifts without having to hunt down a lot of different gluten free treats. Kmart, The Warehouse and Spotlight all have cute products like cups, baskets, bunny ears, and activities for children.

🐰 Happy Easter! 🐰

Please let me know in the comments if I have missed any of your favourite gluten free easter eggs or other treats!

And if you’re looking for some gluten free hot cross buns, check out my comparison post of hot cross buns in NZ.

A collage image of 8 grey plates with halved hot cross buns on a mint green background, text overlay reads "gluten free hot cross buns, 8 nz brands compared".

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  1. Thank you for all the information. That will help a lot of people to choose the gluten-free eggs and treats easily.

  2. Hi Natalie, Great idea having these up on your website. I am wondering if you know whether or not the Walkers candy coated easter eggs are gluten free or not. They come in packets with mini candy eggs or packs with larger eggs.

    1. Hi Marg. Apologies for the delayed reply, I couldn’t find the ingredients for the Walker’s candy eggs online so I had to wait til I was at a supermarket that sells them and I could check the packet.

      Yes, it looks like both the larger ones and the mini ones are gluten free by ingredient according to the packets I looked at 🙂 They only have allergen warnings for milk and soy, and a may contain statement for peanuts and tree nuts. Hope that helps 💜

  3. one of the children I look after sometimes (cannot have gluten) has just reacted badly to a Cadbury creme egg, so it must be the gluten syrup for her. I’ve not seen her have any reactions before so she will have to be even more diligent I guess.

    1. Hi Cathy, it definitely seems to be that some people are more sensitive to glucose syrup than others. Since first posting this list last year I’ve had chats with a few people that have reacted to Creme Eggs. I actually chatted with someone from Cadbury’s support team about this recently and I will add a note to the post but you might want to pass on that the same glucose syrup is used in other Cadbury eggs that have a soft filling, like their mini Caramello, peppermint, Turkish delight, strawberry, salted caramel and mini Creme eggs. So I’d recommend that anyone who has reacted to Creme eggs might want to avoid those ones too 💜