Hey! I love nothing more than chatting about all things gluten-free. Well… maybe I love snacking on gluten-free baking more. But I do really love talking about it, too.

Question About a Recipe?

If you have a question about a specific recipe that’s already featured here on GFKF, I’d love it if you asked it in the comments on that recipe post so I can reply to you there, that way if another reader has the same question, they’ll be able to see the answer there, too.

Recipe Requests

I love suggestions for your Kiwi favourite recipe that you’d like to see made gluten-free! Please send an email with your request to this address. I check for requests once a week, and if I reckon I can make it happen, then it’ll go on my recipe list.

Guest Posts

I don’t accept posts from guest authors on GFKF and I won’t respond to emails pitching for them. It’s “all me, all the time” around here.

All the Rest

For any other enquiries, please send me an email here. I look forward to hearing from you!